the grey matter

The problem with these 'about the artist' pages is that they are always written by the artist about themselves in the third person. It's all very silly, so here: it's completely fake, and so probably accurate. Enjoy. If you really must see my professional CV, fine: here 

I have various and sundry advanced educational and professional credentials in art and visual culture, political history, sports conditioning, martial arts, and blah blah blah and so on and so forth. There's more, but you wouldn't believe me if I told you, like that one summer I chased tornadoes across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas with a professional storm chasing crew when I was supposed to be in a poetry class. It's been a long, wild, weirdass ride.

My studio is frequently visited by several chickens, cats, goats, at least one dog, maybe a fell pony (maybe not), an owl named Hooty McHootface and a multitude of artistic demons. I am an outspoken trans man and proponent of transgender rights. If that upsets you, I've got a mirror I can lend you

My work is utterly insignificant. Someone once called me the Devil Incarnate and I took it as a significant compliment. 

"I'm joking.  Seriously."




Conceptual Framework





gallows humor