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transagenda: sketches and ruminations

i've been unhoused 3 times in life...

transruminations with lots of swear words

gun violence in schools

I'm always amused when anyone talks about the "gay agenda" or the "trans agenda" as though we were Marvel supervillains (which, I mean, is awesome). The real estate we occupy in some folks' heads is remarkable, but that little obsession isn't really about queer people. "The Lady doth protest too much, methinks."

I appreciate the immense power bestowed upon us, but I'm afraid our agenda isn't all that complex. We simply want to abscond with children, puppies, freedom, and your Granny's famous cornbread stuffing recipe while unleashing hordes of fabulous robot unicorns that shoot rainbows, glitter and free healthcare from their horns. Simple. Seriously, calm down. Enjoy some personal sketches. 

privileges i get for looking like a cis white straight guy, a woefully incomplete catalogue

the nature of good and evil, pt 1